The story of Nottinghamshire’s own Plague Village

In 1666 when the Plague came to Holmeby Newark in Nottinghamshire, Nan Scott knew exactly what to do, but her safety costs her a terrible price!

This reconstruction of the life of Nan Scott sets out to tell the story of how a courageous widow, having lived through the turbulent times of the English Civil War, copes with disaster head on by pitting her wits against the Plague –a disease which at its height, carried off thousands of victims at a time.


This is a collection of 36 fascinating East Midlands stories from Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire linked together by a bell theme
• from a quaint Bulwell Wedding to a weird Nottingham funeral
• from Radford’s own “Simple Simon” to Hucknall’s Bare Knuckle fighter Ben Caunt
• from Basford’s Pancake bell to the Washerwoman’s Legacy
• from the Bolsover bell mould to Little Hugh of Lincoln
• from the Ghost bell of Girton to Crowland Abbey Bells
• from the Stilton bell to the Appleby Clock
• from Stamford’s Toby Norris tothe Swans of Chelmorton







A collection of ten true Nottinghamshire stories centred around the traditional English Pub. Includes stories of-
• Joe Haywood’s journey from Hucknall through Hell to Watnall
• Blue skies at Selston and grim days at the coal face
• Storm clouds over Papplewick and a miracle
• Black Thursday and a Bulwell hero
• The Beeston Mormon and a fatal promise
• The Woman upstairs - the tragedy of a Lenton Landlady which inspired Charlotte Bronte to write Jane Eyre
• The Pear Tree Ghost at Basford
• Venison Pasty - a retelling of a much loved Mansfield story


A collection of 15 fascinating Nottinghamshire folk tales told in Rhyme and Reason
• from Windy Miller Moss of Mansfield to cave Sandmen of Nottingham
• from Newstead’s White Lady to Arbella of Rufford Abbey
• from a frozen ship’s Captain of Broxtowe to a Civil War Baker at Newark
• from a cobbler at Southwell to Gallows Hill
• from Robin Hood the Butcher to Gotham’s Wise Men
• from Rolling Cheeses to two kinds of Christmas
• from Dead of Night to Goosey Gander


This Collection contains the true stories of –
Joseph Hooley from Wollaton press ganged three times and marooned on St Helena.
Thomas Smith a Nottingham draper who founded a banking empire.
Thomas Berdmore – who made an ample fortune as dentist to George III.
Charlie Gear famous through a change in the Law.
Francis Purdy –“The Beggarlee Bulldog” – a bare knuckle fighter who pre-empted Bendigo
William Purdy – son of Francis whose safety lamp should have been more famous than Davy’s.
Gilbert Millington – the Regicide from Felley Priory who signed the death warrant of Charles I.

KILLING TAMBOURINE JACK and other true Nottinghamshire Stories

The larger than life characters in this book range from Tambourine Jack – a man well known at Election husting time during the reign of George IV – to Sarah Barber who was too late for her own execution.

Then there is Robert the Joker whose house was bursting at the seams and saintly Mary Potter who had a mission to fulfil.

Then of course, there is the “Boys’ Own” adventure story of George Vason who went native, married a chieftain’s daughter, was caught up in tribal warfare and lived to tell the tale.

About Ztan:

Ztan Zmith is the pen name of Stan Smith of Brinsley, Chairman of Basford and District Local History Society and Vice President of the Nottingham Writers Club.

Ztan has written many articles, short stories and poems, which have featured on Radio in the e-magazine The Nottinghamshire Times and in a wide variety of other publications.

He writes about fascinating local characters from the past who lived in extraordinary times and this has led to the publication of six books for the Merrill Foundation’s Nottinghamshire Heritage Series, a further twelve books based on his home village of Brinsley, six books about nearby Underwood and Bagthorpe, several books on Basford, Cinderhill and Hyson Green and a Wedding Book that has proved to be extraordinary popular.

Ztan is also editor of The Basford Bystander a bi-monthly Community Newspaper devoted to nostalgia and local history in and around Basford and District in Nottingham. This publication is read in quite a few countries around the world.