You write a novel. You get published. You generate sales. It might sound easy but if you've written a novel you'll know how difficult this writers' triathlon can be.

We are a not-for-profit group of authors with a willingness to support each other. Some of us have mainstream contracts, some are self-published and others are unpublished. What we have in common is a belief in our own ability and the knowledge that there’s much more to being an author than the writing.
Our authors are, in the main, new to the market, so if you're fed up with a lack of choice on the bookshelves, please browse our titles, dip into our blog and, most of all, enjoy our website.

John Baird, Chair New Writers UK

New Writers UK was formed by a small number of authors who combined their efforts to give talks and attend book festivals. Finding little (or no) support from book store chains and literary events, and feeling a little like David when he first saw Goliath, we decided to hold our own festival and invited other writers to join us.
Our first festival was held at Thurgarton, Nottinghamshire, in 2006. It was opened by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Councillor Des Wilson, and attended by the Vice Chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council, Councillor John Allin and his Lady, Mrs Mavis Allin. It was a lovely day, providing everyone with new contacts and information. It may have been small in scale but it encouraged us to go ahead with a second event. Five years on, our festival is unrecognisable from the event at the small hall in Thurgarton and we now have membership that extends beyond our shores.

We were established to let new, undiscovered, or unsupported writers know they are not alone and, despite our growth, the purpose of New Writers UK remains the same.

Julie Malone, President New Writers UK

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