Poems in this first collection reveal the promise for good locked inside life’s day-to-day experiences.
Illustrated with ‘Rose Archway’



The poems in *Mandala* explore the mystical experiences we can encounter in special places, in nature, while writing, in our memories…
Illustrated with ‘Tibetan Festival Costume’


This third collection of poems reveals the secrets hidden in our dreams, in our homes, in the diverse natural world and in the life beyond…
Illustrated with ‘Apache Girl’

*Home from Home*

This fourth collection of poems deals with the ‘up and down’ issues that can be brought into your home.
Illustrated with ‘Summer’s Garden’

*Winter’s White*

Poems in this fifth collection of poems illustrated with paintings, photographs and graphics brings together poems with a wintery theme.
Illustrated with ‘Our Garden – Winter’

*Into the Past*

This sixth collection is a memoir that contains both poetry and prose based on selective memories illustrated in colour, sepia, black & white with some of her line drawings, photographs and graphics, which highlight certain memories from different times.
Illustrated with ‘Me and Miss Sammy’

About Vivien:

Vivien Steels lives in Nottingham and graduated from Reading University in 1974 with a B.Ed. [Hons] in English Literature and Education. Retired from teaching and lecturing due to the illness M.E., she writes mainly poetry (but also short stories and articles) and paints in watercolours and acrylics. She has been published widely with over 260 poems in poetry presses, magazines, anthologies and on the Internet with ongoing local exhibitions of her paintings and illustrated poetry and has also had various short stories and articles published.

Vivien has designed her own website “Talking Paint”, featuring her artwork and poetry @ www.viviensteels.webs.com , which won The Quill and Parchment Website Award in 2008. In 2010 Vivien gained a Distinction in a course of Creative and Professional Writing at Nottingham University.

From 2003 onwards Vivien has produced/printed five collections of her published poems illustrated in colour with her paintings entitled *Promise*, *Secrets*, *Mandala*, *Home from Home*, *Winter White* and, most recently *Into the Past* - a memoir. Do go to Vivien’s website @ www.viviensteels.webs.com/vivipresspoetry.htm to see more about her collections and reviews of her work.