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Garden: I want to write about my new leaf blower vacuum

So I bought a new leaf blower vacuum and I totally fell in love with it. It completely changed my life around the home and made things so much easier to get the house cleaned and the outside garden as well as the driveway because the amount of trees that had the leaves falling in autumn is just insane and so therefore having a garden leaf vacuum was just amazing to me because I’ve been able to pick them all up. Not only that, now I’ve been able to compost them all as well. And I’m going to teach you how to do that in this article as well. The best thing about all of this is that the garden leaf blower that I actually used and bought cost me less than £70 and is cordless, easy to set up, and was ready to go in about 5 minutes. Can you think of anything better than that? No? Read on then please….

Everything started with a quick search of the internet for the very best and cheapest cordless leaf blower vacuums on the market available today. I was only interested in cordless electric versions because I didn’t want to have an extension lead running around the garden and I certainly to run out of petrol because petrol is a real pain in the neck for me because I’ve got a lot of children and I really don’t want to have a situation where I have to store petrol. The worst thing is that petrol is the continued worry that one of my kids gets their hands on it and swallowed it or worse than that. So I went with a Makita electric cordless leaf blower vac.

The leaf blower vac that changed my life: Makita DUB182Z 18V Body only Cordless Li-ion Blower

The electric Makita cordless leaf blower vacuum Is an incredible piece of equipment and you wouldn’t believe that I placed under £70. The fact that you can buy such an Unbelievable piece of kit for such a cheap price is quite shocking really. The function is that it comes with her pretty astronomical for the price and overall was one of the best value for money piece of women having. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the electric Makita cordless leaf blower vacuum.

One of my favourite things about the electric Makita cordless leaf blower vacuum is the fact it’s got three settings in terms of strength that will blow really hard, in the middle, or just gently if you think you’ve got something a little bit more dainty and you don’t want to do any damage to the flowers around your bed for example. It’s also really good if you’ve got vegetable patches as it means that you can set it on the low and you won’t damage any of the foliage above the ground level..

It also means that you can get the leaves out from in between your veg which is really handy because the leaves will actually begin to attract wildlife like slugs and snails that you otherwise wouldn’t really want there in place at that time because they could end up taking your vegetables as a result as well.

The electric Makita cordless leaf blower vacuum is really comfortable to use

I actually sold it for me there was the fact electric Makita cordless leaf blower vacuum is just so incredibly easy to use. He’s got such a lovely soft grip that’s kind of like a rubbery plastic but it’s actually really strong and sturdy so don’t worry about the possibility of it breaking down on you. It’s so perfectly fits your hand when your operating the garden leaf blower you don’t actually know that you’re really holding much in the way of equipment at all. Because it’s a good brand and it’s electric, it’s actually really low weight because the engine is not that big.

Because the engines quite small as a result of the electric it also means that you don’t find your arms being tired out by the process of using it. On that note you can usually get about 30 to 40 minutes out of one battery, which means that you’ve got ample time to get the garden leaves up in the Autumn most days. This is without having to keep swapping over batteries which of course would be really annoying thing to have to do, but with the technology of the batteries now, you simply don’t have to do it. And with the batteries in this electric leaf blower being lithium they do last well and really pack a punch. It’s saved me so much time because it was cordless And save me the author of getting out of power lead each time they want to clean on the leaves.

Where I bought my leaf blower vacuum from

I bought my electric Makita cordless leaf blower vacuum from As it’s the go to place for high-quality information then no nonsense mapping around. You get told exactly what I am going to suit best in your garden and they don’t really care about the price. They will was interested in making sure that their customers are happy so I always tend to give them a recommended write an article for anyone that’s more than willing to help me whenever I can. If you think I’ve missed any other information out about the electric Makita cordless leaf blower vacuum Otherwise it’ll be brilliant if there’s someone else out there who is willing to buy one and test it and send me some information and let me know if they agree with most of what I’ve written here as well.

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